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As a teenage computer whizz-kid in the 80s I wrote games and how-to books. While still at University I set up a publishing and retail company which grew to turn over £millions.


Fighting illegality and discrimination, I co-founded  the International Gay and Lesbian Youth Organisation, later becoming a Director of Stonewall to gain equality in the UK, and allow me to marry my husband of over 30 years.

I now chair an education charity, and still freelance for big agencies, but am at my happiest up above the clouds piloting my airplane all over Europe.
















From setting up successful small businesses I grew a deep understanding of how they make money, and as a Managing Director for most of my career I've know the challenge to keep focus, and thrive through adversity.


So it's easy for me to bring you examples, exercises and inspiration to make your journey so much clearer.

I especially love those projects where, having found the golden-thread of someone's idea, I stay involved in setting the tone, personality and copywriting to see it all brought to life.

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During decades building the household brands you buy every day, I helped transform companies from the largest multinationals to the smallest one-woman-startups. 


I profoundly believe in the power of knowing exactly what you stand for. Add relentless practicality, incisive intelligence, and a playful wit, to get you there as painlessly as possible.

I cut my teeth in consumer-branding for giants like Nestle, Dulux, Unilever and Danone Nutricia. I became a regular conference speaker and chairperson, especially on the future of healthy food and dairy.

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"Flying a plane, like running a business, takes lots of planning and masses of effort to get off the ground, but it's all worth it once you're up there."

Neal Cavalier-Smith Pilot by Tom Potisit

If you think we could work together, I'd love to talk it over. The easiest way is to use the button to book a free chat.

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